Software Engineering + Being an Adult that Works

I am, at my core, a huge nerd. I love puzzles and logic and the application of those things into software.  I truly believe it's what I'm meant to do, so this is a collection on things I've learned about working remotely, having a manager, and productivity (note: mostly unrelated to the actual function of my job..), so read on even if you are not a certifiable, card-carrying nerd like me, I hope you might find some of it useful!

About Me

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I'm Erin.  I live in Harrogate, England with my husband and dog.  I am a Jesus-loving Christian and the cry of my heart is to show God's love to the people in my life.  I am a certified nerd/software engineer by day, I have a food obsession, and I have an obnoxiously loud laugh.

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