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Harrogate Chronicles: Hoxton North

One of our favorite spots in Harrogate is Hoxton North. We come here for weekly avocado toast on Saturdays. If you are also interested in brunch here on a Saturday, we recommend getting there right when it opens (09:30) to guarantee a table, otherwise you will likely find yourself waiting. But if you do have to wait, it is always, always, always worth it.

Hoxton is situated right in the Royal Parade circle of downtown Harrogate, right across from the edge of the Stray and it is a prime spot to people watch. We love sitting and watching the families, their dogs, the kids, all the goings-on on a Saturday morning (or any morning,

but in Harrogate the people are out and shopping on Saturdays without fail). It is hip inside with their edison lightbulbs and minimal decor, and a constant purr of the espresso machine.

Besides their fantastic food and coffee, our favorite thing about Hoxton (and many establishments in Harrogate) is that it is dog friendly. Our pup Poppy gets showered with love every time we go, and because it's so small inside you really feel like you are in a community when you are there, even if you've never met the people sitting near you. This photo is of the first outing we took with Poppy after we got her, and as expected we went straight to Hoxton with her wrapped in a baby blanket (we are a little extra re: dog parenting)

Now, the main attraction (for me) - the food & drink. My typical order, depending on the day, is a latte or earl grey tea, and one of a few different dishes (will jump into that later). This time I ordered tea because I had already had 3 nespresso lattes at home (withhold your judgement please). I love the way they serve their tea, cup + saucer, mini milk jar, and tea carafe all on a little wood block. It's instagram-worthy without even having to try (maybe that's why I like it :p ).

Their coffee is also fantastic, it always tastes great and is gorgeous. They use different roasters depending on the season, and really craft the taste of their coffee from the source to the roast to the customer, and it shows.

Finally, my husband Mike is a hot chocolate connoisseur. Hoxton ranks 2nd in the Harrogate hot chocolate running (a post on the full ranking at some later date). It combines his favorite things about a latte: creamy and foamy, but instead of espresso it's chocolate.

The food. Oh the food. I have never had a bad meal there. I have my favorite dishes, but we have had everything on the menu multiple times and it never, ever disappoints. My current favorites are the V Hoxton (pictured below) and the Veggie Classic. The V Hoxton is a myriad of vegetable goodness. Starting in the middle, you have beautifully roasted potatoes, then roasted vine tomatoes that are incredibly juicy and have a slightly

charred flavor. Sautéed spinach (which is perfectly seasoned), perfectly poached eggs, thinly sliced roasted mushrooms, fantastic buttered toast, and my favorite

add on: grilled halloumi. Also, last but not least, the Hoxton signature, half of an avocado, thinly sliced, topped with salt, pepper, and chili flakes. There is really not a more well rounded breakfast I can recommend, it is good from start to finish and I love that it's unstructured so you can craft each bite as you wish.

My other current favorite is a simple avocado toast: their signature sourdough bread, lightly buttered, half an avocado thinly sliced, grilled halloumi and 2 poached eggs. It is really just a subset of the V Hoxton, in a more constructed format.

Some of our other favorites:

The Popeye

This baby is crushed avocado mixed with chiles, a bunch of sautéed spinach, and bacon. We always recommend adding a poached egg because who doesn't want the runny yolk to soak up into the toast as you go?

The Tommy

This menu item recently changed to be this luscious creation (we liked it before too though). This is toast smothered in creamy ricotta, crushed avocado, tomato, and basil oil. I might be biased but there is nothing not to like.

Some other favorites that I don't have photos of at this time...the Belgian Milk Chocolate Porridge if you're in the mood for something sweet, The Wild, an avocado-less avocado toast with field mushrooms, shaved beets, spinach, goat cheese, and herbs that will knock your socks off, and rotating specials that are always worth a try.

Now, when you think this place can't get better, you're wrong. It turns into a fantastic wine bar at night. The owner, Tim, has given us fabulous recommendations on his favorite wines. Their selection is small and constantly changing, and they source their wines "from smaller growers who are totally dedicated to producing limited quantities of finest quality wines and in as natural a manner as possible". The ambiance changes when it shifts from their breakfast/brunch grind to the bar - it becomes a warm, seemingly exclusive room that has quiet chatter of a few other couples or friends, and you feel like you could sit there forever.

So, Hoxton, the Recachinas clan is in love with you, plain and simple. If you live in Harrogate or the surrounding area and haven't been, add it to your list of things to do this weekend. If you don't live in Harrogate and want to go, schedule a trip to come see us and we will take you!

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