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Hey! I'm Erin, a Jesus, food, and dog enthusiast.  I am also the person that probably shouldn't have a blog, but here we are.  I am married to the best guy I know, Michael, and we have a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Poppy.  We are from Washington, D.C. but are currently living in North Yorkshire, England (PS I'M NEVER LEAVING).  I love all things Star Trek, software engineering, and scripture interpretation.  I am an old soul (I think, mostly because I love to knit and get happy-chills at the thought of going to bed at 8pm).

I work for a sweet startup called Zoomdata, we are ~reinventing BI~, but we do some awesome stuff with big data and visualization like data sharpening and "smart streaming".  I am not one of those programmers who does nothing but program in my free time, but I sure do love that I get to do it every day for my job.

Why am I starting this blog, you may ask?  I've been praying a lot, and doing a lot of soul searching on where to go next.  I recently found the enneagram (borderline obsessed) and I'm a type 9, and something I struggle with a lot is feeling like I don't have anything meaningful to contribute to the world around me.  This is me slapping that lie in the face and sharing what I have, because it might just be relevant to someone else (or at the very least, entertaining).  Send me a message or subscribe below if stuff that I write interests you, or you have questions about travel, food, software, puppies, star trek, or the bible, all of which I am passionate about to the point of obsession.

Couldn't live without


Maybe I could, but I wouldn't want to

Favorite place

Modena, Italy:

the foodie capital of Italy

Drink of choice

Negroni or Pinot Noir

Favorite Activity

If napping doesn't count, yoga is my jam

Fave TV Show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Star Trek TNG

Iron Chef America

About Me

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I'm Erin.  I live in Harrogate, England with my husband and dog.  I am a Jesus-loving Christian and the cry of my heart is to show God's love to the people in my life.  I am a certified nerd/software engineer by day, I have a food obsession, and I have an obnoxiously loud laugh.

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